Shanghai Richmark won Dassault Systèmes platinum agent certi

2018-05-21 11:14
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On February 7, 2018, the "Dassault System GCG 2018 VS Sales Convention" was held in Hong Kong. As a distributor, Shanghai Fengci is committed to serving every customer and has maintained a top position among more than 200 Dassault agents in China. With the recognition of new and old customers, it also won a series of honors issued by Dassault Systemes. We hereby share with you your honor and joy:

Shanghai Richmark was awarded “Dassault Platinum Agency Certification in 2018”

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In 2017, Dassault Systemes plans a new "Partner Reward Program." Through one-year evaluation and screening, all its agents are formally divided into four levels in 2018 with professional competence. In the future, Dassault's agents can use their Dassault Certification logo to prove their comprehensive level:
        The criteria for assessing the ability of each agent for the program can be described as involving various aspects and are quite strict, including: market assessment, sales volume, implementation of personnel skill level certification, development capabilities, after-sales service, customer distribution and strategic cooperation with Dassault Systèmes Wait. In the future, Dassault Systèmes will continue to follow the inspection of various agents and re-evaluate and adjust the level of agents each year.

2018 Dassault Systèmes "Platinum" Agency Certification Medal

Wonderful moment

Assistant to General Manager of Shanghai Richmark (second from the right) took the stage and took a group photo with Li Zhijun (the first from the right), vice president of marketing channels for Dassault Systèmes Greater China, and other distributors.

Shanghai Richmark expresses heartfelt thanks to you for joining hands with all the way. We are fully aware that we can't live without the attention, support and trust of our customers today! It is because of your support and trust that we have our present glory. In the days to come, we will continue to advance with our heart and hope that we will achieve greater success!

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