1. Software module development:
According to the input of the supplier, it participates in the customer demand discussion, and combines the powerful software module development ability to provide the following software modules: fault management module, KWP2000 drive module, KWP2000 based refresh module and diagnostic module;

2. CAN protocol stack integration:
Protocol stack training;
Configuration file generation; configuration tool training;
Software integration based on customer ECU;
CAN/LIN communication test;
Fault analysis of CAN network
3. Technical training:
Expertise: AUTOSAR, CAN, LIN, OSEK, KWP2000, J1939.
Related tools: VNA, Tellus, VSX
4. The analysis of the standard
The target analysis is an important link in the development of new model or new platform. It can help the host plant clear the demand and market positioning and control the cost, so that the product can be put in a better market effect.
Bus protocol parsing;
Bus topology analysis;
Network parameter analysis;
Bus message analysis;
Function analysis of whole vehicle and parts

5. Development of diagnostic platform
The electric function of the automobile is becoming more and more complex, the degree of intelligence is more and more high, and the individualized demand of the user is more and more diversified. This makes it difficult for the production, test, after service and service of the host plant. The development of the diagnosis platform can not only realize the diversification of the production configuration, the automatic detection of the downline and the analysis and maintenance of the after-sale failure, but also the management of the ECU data and the security information, the tracking of the vehicle state, and the electronic management of the production and after sale.
Service content:
Diagnostic requirements definition;
Diagnostic strategy definition;
Diagnostic specification creation;
Diagnostic database creation.

6. The development advisory service of the whole vehicle network platform
With the increasing demand for automobile comfort, maneuverability, safety, economy, power and entertainment, the degree of electrification and intelligentization of cars is becoming higher and higher. The technology of vehicle bus comes into being. It not only satisfies the demand of automobile electrical function increasingly complex and intellectualized, but also increases. The reliability of signal transmission can reduce the cost of the whole vehicle, and at the same time, it can better achieve the platform needs of the host plant.
Service content:
Bus requirement definition;
Establishment of vehicle network specification;
Bus policy definition;
Message matrix definition;
Building the whole vehicle database;
Network simulation.

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